Worldly thoughts and Laundry

I had intended to write on some topic concerning  education. I had visions of it being the best post ever written and being picked up by the ethereal web. My fame was only a short essay away! But first I had to fold the laundry ,the drier just rang.

I opened the dryer door and pulled out the clothes into a basket. I don’t use the light in that room, I live green. As  I pick up the first piece , a pair of shorts, I think “Funny color”  . Not until I reach for the second does it dawn on me that something has gone wrong…..horribly WRONG!  THAT WAS CRAYON!!!

A full load of clothes covered in various shades of red. I threw what was left on to the floor. Where was the culprit?  And ,yes. the crayon still existed! How could this be? I yelled ,I screamed! I swore crayons would never enter the house again! Why,oh, why do these things happen to me?  All were afraid, “we can fix them” they said. NO! I was sure all was lost.  To my utter dismay my favorite shirt was one of the unlucky. I do not consider myself materialistic but once in a while a comfortable shirt , skirt or pair of pants comes along that a mommy can really appreciate. This shirt was one of those.

I gave myself a moment.(After stomping around and cursing Crayola) The kids each began grabbing their own for saving. I got on the internet. In all the vastness that is the internet, there must be something that can help. Low and behold , my first hit! Same problem  and some were worse, YEAH! Like others before me, I used what I had  and  put extra soap hot water and vinegar in the washer. To my astonishment 90% came out and the rest is soaking right now!! I went and got goo a hand cleaner to presoak on the clothes and clean the dryer. So far so good. Anything is better than what I had 24 hours ago.

Well, so much for my prize-winning prose. I win though, I don’t have to shop for new clothes! God  is good.( And the internet helps.)

Maybe another day …….. then again I have kids.                                                                                                                            




About sixathome

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ Mom to six children that have never been sent to school.
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