Defeat the Immoral Minority- Teach Ethnic Studies and enjoy Tolerance Everywhere

What do you teach your children??

This week is Ethnic Studies Week .But instead of a week we need to make this part of our entire curriculum. Other races, religions , and nationalities are all around us everyday. The fever pitch of  “BE AFRAID” is over the top and needs to be stopped. Think and reason for yourself . What is the real purpose for the fear?

We were afraid of the Catholics, the Irish, the Japanese, the Blacks, the Indians, all for what? Nothing until the next group could be used for some purpose to divide a populous and blame the blameless for our Government’s failures. A government  ‘by the people and of the people’  does not seek to divide the people. We need to make the government work for the masses not the other way around.

Participate this week. Participate at home, work and school. Participate everywhere you go. We will.

Viva La Causa

  • Grades 6 to 8
  • Grades 9 to 12
    Viva La Causa focuses on one of the seminal events in the march for human rights – the grape strike and boycott led by César Chávez and Dolores Huerta in the 1960s. Viva la Causa will show how thousands of people from across the nation joined in a struggle for justice for the most exploited people in our country – the workers who put food on our tables.

    The kit includes: 39-minute film on DVD & Teacher’s guide with standards-based lesson plans

Teachers can order this kit for free.

Viva La Causa meets content standards for social studies and language arts, grades 7-12.

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African-American Studies: A Guide to Internet Resources

  • The University of Delaware subject page for African American Web resources.

Asian Americans

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