Carnival of Chaos! April 2011

Wow! This has been a very busy Spring and what a wonderful turn out for the carnival! I have to say I hate spam but the decision to keep truckin´ on  has paid off. Thank you all so much for the submissions!!

Since it it spring here in the south we have already planted parts of the garden. Sorry , Yanks. But our days have been in the 70ś  , so in go the tomatoes! We are also working bees and our first attempt at raising queens. Nothing could be more ¨educational¨ for the children than helping with these endeavors. We learn more each time we plant a seed or open the hives. 

The migrations are on, too. Hummingbirds, Monarchs, worms, and more. Don´t forget to plant something for the bees!!!

It is spring! Worm migration

Add to that all the current events of the world, makes for a full plate of erudition. Do you know what an Alpha particle is? How far and fast radioactive particles can travel?

Welcome to the April 2, 2011 edition of ………..

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Chris Brandon presents Hello World posted at BreakSolid.   A new site with an old perspective. Implementation  and distribution of knowledge as well as overcoming the chasm of mainstream media needs to be addressed.

We all need outdoor time and especially the children. Ann shares one of her activities for winter. Ann presents Outdoor Hour Challenge Winter Series #9 Mammals and #45 Squirrels posted at Harvest Moon by Hand.

Can you name these tracks?











William Hambleton Bishop, MA presents Chaos is the result of resisting what is | Thoughts from a Therapist posted at Thoughts from a Therapist, saying, “chaos and resistance”

I love this submission! Chaos defined? And yet we are given thoughtful contemplation of our individualness in the world. ¨The Tao of Pooh¨ was my favorite book in college and helped me on in life. Is rejecting what is, the same as resisting what is?

Richard Tyler presents The N-Word, Huck Finn, and Racism in Society posted at Live Your Way, saying, “This is an article about racism in society today, the good, the funny, and the informative.”

As a transplanted Yankee, I have come to see many sides of this issue. Everyone has a reason for using, or not, the word in question. I, however, can not imagine Twain´s work without it.

What I do for Eden

Read Aloud … Dad presents The Secret How To Become A Read-Aloud Ninja posted at Read Aloud Dad, saying, “Do you want to become a Read-Aloud Ninja? I never knew they existed until yesterday. The word “ninja” in kanji script  Like any martial art, you have to perfect your technique if you aim to master the art.”

Thanks R.A.D.!! My Dear Old Dad  read to us every night he was home.(Firefighters are home only four nights a week)We had a chair in the room just so he could read for more than a few minutes. Alice in Wonderland, Arabian Nights, Aesop´s Fables, The Charge of the Light Brigade are just a few of the writings he read. He also told stories without books, tales like the Three Pigs and the like.

Danette presents Make Your Child Laugh: The Developmental Stages of Humor :: Help! S-O-S for Parents posted at Help! S-O-S for Parents.

My eldest, Griffin, just yesterday said that his favorite sound in the world is Abdur Rabbi (4yrs) laughing!

Socratez presents Why Knowledge Is Essential To Live Your Life posted at Socratez Online.

If you can learn anything it should be that there is ALWAYS more to learn!

Something smells…

Tara Forte presents Top 30 Ghost Blogs posted at Forensic Science Technician, saying, “While ghost hunting shows display cheesy scenes of lamps being knocked over and too many people shoved in a room looking for an”experience,” ghost blogs do the exact opposite, creating an intimate storytelling environment the reader can be sucked into for the moment, no matter what they think about the afterlife.”

I always liked Ghost stories around the campfire.Camp fire contemplation

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of chaos using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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