Ethnic Studies Week- 2011 Help needed!

Wed, April 20, 2011 10:10:12 AM


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*** Arizona law HB2281 banning ethnic studies,targeting Tucson School District, Mexican American studies dept, is now law.***


In this email:
1. 1-6 more volunteers needed for National coordinating committee. 2. Endorsers sent in so far. 3. Bi-weekly newsletter launched May 16. 4. Please send this out to your lists with your name on it.
1. NATIONAL COORDINATING COMMITTEE This year we are putting together a national committee to deal with national coordination and publicity. We have three people so far. We need 4-10 people. If you are interested or can think of someone in your community who was involved last year and can be counted on to take one aspect of the national work ( for example, twitter, or face book, or press releases)please respond ASAP. This is all volunteer work. We want to have a committee together by May 9. Please respond if you are thinking about it and want to know more.

2. ENDORSERS OF ETHNIC STUDIES WEEK Following the March mailing, these people and organizations sent endorsed Ethnic Studies Week 2011.

**The National Association of Ethnic Studies
**The Chicano Studies Department of University of Minnesota **American Ethnic Studies program, Willamette University, Salem, OR
**K-12 Council of the California Federation of Teachers
**Emily Drew, Assistant Professor of American Ethnic Studies and Sociology, Salem OR
**Adela C. Licona,Assistant Professor,Department of English Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English program, University of Arizona
**Wendy Cheng, Assistant Professor,Asian Pacific American Studies | Justice and Social Inquiry,School of Social Transformation
Arizona State University
**Jenn Laskin, Pajaro Valley Federation of Teacher Local 1936,>Grievance Officer
Classroom Teacher @ Renaissance Continuation High School. **Elaine Chan, Wesleyan University. **Brittany Lewis, University of Minnesota
**Anne Winkler-Morey, Metropolitan State University.
This year I think we will have one list of individuals and organizations. (still figuring that out) SEND IN YOUR ENDORSEMENTS TODAY!

3. BI-WEEKLY NEWSLETTER until October 7, begins May 16. To have your news included in the first edition, respond by May 9. Newsletter editor will be Brittany Lewis. She will introduce herself in the first edition. The newsletter will include updates from Arizona by Roberto Cintli Rodriguez, reports from YOU about developments in your area, and, primarily, developments in the organization of Ethnic Studies Week 2011.

4. PERSONAL FORWARDS AND REPOSTS!! The most powerful publicity is the personal. Please commit to spending about 20 minutes total in the coming months, reposting or forwarding this announcement and the first few newsletters to your mailing lists WITH YOUR NAME ON IT. Last year Arturo Aldama did so early on and he recruited about 40 people in a matter of days. Many others followed suit. Your name is the most powerful persuasion to those you know. Last year we had 225 initiators from 25 states. That means there were 25 states and many localities that we never reached and not from lack of trying. The whole Southeast with the (important!) exception of Tallahassee FL, did not participate.

Thank you for everything you do to support ethnic studies.
Anne Winkler-Morey, Ph.D, Community Faculty, History, Metropolitan State University. Initiator and National Coordinator, First Annual Ethnic Studies Week, 2010
Convener and member of Coordinating Committee, Second Annual ESW 2011.


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