More links for Ethnic Studies

Thu, April 21, 2011 3:49:25 PM

OOPS!In the last email I forgot links for Ethnic Studies Week.
SECOND ANNUAL ETHNIC STUDIES WEEK OCTOBER 1-7 2011 website. You can register your endorsements, report on your plans, and volunteer under the CONTACT page.
Save Ethnic Studies. The Tucson Unified School District Mexican American Studies and supporter website. You can read the latest and send them funds through this website

Roberto Cintli Rodriguez regular commentaries on Tucson and Arizona developments

Carleen Sanchez and Maythee Rojas on the importance of Ethnic Studies and ES
week on KPFK April 20.

Sundiata Cha Jua ��s Introduction to the Special Issue of the Black Scholar on ethnic studies. ���Defending Ethnic Studies in Arizona: Obama, the Rise of the Hard Right, Arizona and Texas and the Attack on Racialized Communities Studies��

Thanks, to the 19 of you who responded right away to the last mailing and sent in endorsements and a few who volunteered, and to those who forwarded the email. I will publish the endorsement list May 9 on the website, to give you all a chance to get them in. Remember I can’t assume you or your organization is endorsing unless you tell me.
Take care, Anne
Tucson Unified School District Mexican American Studies


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  1. HB 2281 prohibits schools from offering courses at any grade level that advocate ethnic solidarity promote overthrow of the US government or cater to specific ethnic groupsregulations which will dismantle the states popular Mexican-American studies programs..Much like Arizonas new immigration law this ethnic studies ban is political interest dressed up to look like education reform. The bill was passed largely because of State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Hornes personal distaste for the Tuscon Unified School Districts Chicano studies program in which 3 percent of the districts 55 000 students participate.

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