I voted for Luna Maya! Update- Luna Maya WON! Good luck to them


Luna Maya Birth Center works to ensure that all women in Chiapas have access to humanized health care, including safe and humanized birth. We believe that women in Chiapas have the right to make informed choices about their bodies and have access to the necessary resources to ensure health and wellbeing. We believe in access to safe motherhood as a human right leading to the empowerment of women, enhancements in quality of life, and the strengthening of families.

Our organization is dedicated to the holistic health of women and families and to the promotion of sexual and reproductive rights and the right to safe motherhood. We invite you to get to know our center and the services and educational programs we offer!

Up and Coming at Luna Maya…

Vote for Luna Maya!!!

Dear friends,

We need you help and support.  Beginning May 16th, Luna Maya Birth Center, as a Birth Trust grant finalists will be eligible to compete for an additional $5,000 grant.

Floradix is sponsoring this and we are calling it the Floradix Favorite Award. The prize will go to the grant that receives the most votes, but ANYONE can vote in this—one time.

Voting will last about two weeks and conclude May 30th, 2011.
Vote today, vote for Luna Maya.

Here is the link to vote:
Please pass on this information to all of your contacts.

Thank you,2011 Capital Campaign

Luna Maya needs your support!  We are in the midst of a fundraising campaign for much needed support that will let us continue our work with women and families in Chiapas, México.  You can collaborate through cash donations, through the donation of computer equipment and medical supplies, through hosting a fundraising event in your city, or through our new program Sponsor a Birth!  As of september 2009 we are no longer funded and would like to be able to sustain our low prices and service to the community. We need your help! Click on any one of the links to read more and help us continue our important and unique work.  


Please note: At this time we are not accepting apprentices who are not Mexican and do not live in Mexico. We are focusing on increasing the number of midwives who serve women in Mexico. If you are not Mexican or do not live in Mexico please do not apply to our apprenticeship program.
For interested applicants, our following opening will be in January 2012.
Thank you.

Q’anil Nacer

Childbirth Education and Beyond

Our commitment to birth is profound and we know that birth entails more than a woman and a baby, it involves immediate and extended family, our community and our culture. That’s why we support your choices, growth and consciousness through our education and community building program. “Q’anil Nacer” includes Prenatal Yoga (monday to thursday 10am and monday and thursday 6.30pm), Yoga for Kids (monday and thursday 5pm), Childbirth education class (wednesday 5pm-FREE), Mamas Group (1st tuesday 5 to pm 7and 3rd wednesday 11 to 1), MamaBaby Yoga (wednesday and friday 4pm and monday and thursday 12pm).

We also hold courses such as:

Prenatal Massage: a 3 session course designed to promote contact and physical communication between the couple during this time of stretching and expanding! Fridays 5 to 7pm

Infant Massage: Touch is our first lagunage. Learn how to massage your new baby, understand her/his communication and connect ourside of your womb during this 4 session course. Saturdays 10 to 12pm

Pregnancy Celebration: Celebrate your big stretch, your fertility and your motherhood during this feminine ritual. Designed for women only we will paint our dilation mandalas, sculpture our clay birthing Mama and Cast our Beautiful bellies. Saturdays 1 to 3pm.


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بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ Mom to six children that have never been sent to school.
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