Welcome to the July 1, 2011 edition of Carnival of Chaos!

It has been 2 months since the last carnival. Mothers day and Fathers day are past . Mothers day was originally an anti-war protest but then, as things go, the commercialism took it to new unthinkable guilt trips upon the consumer brain. In honor of motherhood and mothers, look to the link to help out the films ¨More Business of Being Born¨ and advocate for midwives. A healthy start for the entire family, take back a beautiful birth.

Start Wearing Purple! is the song that plays and in the genre of Gypsy Punk. I love this stuff. I sing it to my kids, even though they cover their ears, while dancing around stomping in my gypsy style. Try it, it feels great! I figure it gives good memories of Mom, instead of me at the sink doing dishes.To allow your kids to see you silly allows them to trust you more.

Start Wearing Purple- Gogol Bordello

The local library reading program is in full swing, at least for our family. This year I have two that volunteer to help every week. This is, hopefully, a prelude to work experience. A chance to find out what a commitment means to those outside the family. They seem to relish the time away from the younger siblings, I can only imagine why…..

The gardens are now producing! I love the south!! Fedco Seeds is a great source that deals with small farmers and they have a great service and selection. This year we have Chocolate Peppers, Ho Chi Mhin hot peppers,green beans,sun flowers,borage,tomatoes and more.

As the summer has heated up, we have started fishing at night. It is cooler and the sunsets are quite nice. The littles love seeing the crabs,dolphins and just generally anything that happens while putting your pole in the water.

And we had a Little Brown Bat visit us.Read about it here. It was exciting to be able to see such a sight in the daylight! Nature, WOW!

And now on to the Show!


Rethink the so called Social media. Popcorn brain is not a attribute of a healthy human.

Kathy Nelson presents 10 Examples of How Social Media Can be Anti-Social posted at Broadband Service Provider

At Bullet´s Brain words are looked at, used and pondered. This post is quite a ride. It may be interesting to read about Moses in the Qur´an – here. I think it relates well to the supposition of God. How about you?

KAZBullet presents What I’m Learning: New Words posted at Bullet’s Brain, saying, “In this post, the definition of anisotropy and whether or not God is anisotropic (and what that means for us). Thanks for reading!”

Something smells….

Laura Grace Weldon presents What Movies Tell Girls posted at Laura Grace Weldon, saying, “What do movies (even kids’ movies) teach our children? You might be surprised.”

This post is aptly put under ¨Something smells..¨! I have also kept a close eye on the films that we watch. It is one of the reasons home education fits the way we live. Read this and look again at the toys you give your child. Recognize why they are asking for the make-up, that particular shirt, what ever the must-have is . I tell my girls and the boys how beautiful they are everyday. It still is not enough to fight ´Popular´ images.


Imagine the year is 2050. Peak oil has come and you are in an urban jungle. Now what? How doyou make life work without what was considered a necessity but is gone without the petroleum industry? It is more real than you might like to to consider but URBANIS has some tips. Read, too, about the Tar Sands at the Sierra club or Greenpeace. Stay informed.




Mandy presents Pre-Reading Skills posted at Raising Sparks, saying, “What experiences do children need to bring with them on their reading journeys?”

Something smells….

Once again ,Something smells is used rather appropriately. A photographer in NYC shows us how ridiculous the US ´mainstream´ media is. They can make nothing appear to be some thing!

Lionel Martinez presents Media At Ground Zero posted at ZineTv, saying, “What really happens when the media comes to town and who is really the media.”

What I do for Eden

Not sure how to help the kids? Read below…

Unconditional love goes a long way!

David Leonhardt presents How to inspire your kids to greatness posted at Self-Help Happiness Blog, saying, “To be able to go on to do great things, children need encouragement and inspiration. A child will try his or her best when a parent’s support is behind them. Sometimes it’s not easy to figure out exactly how to help kids with this, but there are some things you can do that are sure to inspire.”

Ann , (again,YEAH!) gives us inspiration to take it OUTSIDE!  I love Dandelions and so do my honeybees. In fact, my Dad even started to mow AROUND them even to my Mother´s

Calendula - Edible and beautiful


Ann presents Outdoor Hour Challenge Spring Series #4: Wildflowers-Dandelions posted at Harvest Moon by Hand.

And, again, here is Ms Weldon. A well noted need of parents to remember to try to be gentle. Not easy indeed! I started with my first child  to only say ¨Be gentle¨ never just NO! But by the fourth no was coming out more and more. I still try and when those moments have disintegrated into mayhem we regroup,hug, kiss and apologize. I once heard for every bad comment to a child give them at least ten good ones. (the #s may be wrong but the sentiment is there)

Laura Grace Weldon presents Gentle Nurturance=Gentle World? posted at Laura Grace Weldon, saying, “There’s a connection between harsh treatment of children and harsh societies.”

Besides how can you stay mad at a face like this..

Thank you all for the wonderful submissions! Great reading!

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition(probably in September) of carnival of chaos using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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2 Responses to START WEARING PURPLE! Carnival of Chaos

  1. sixathome says:

    By the way, the name of our home school is U4EA Ranch Acaedmy( euphoria!)

  2. Laura Weldon says:

    Oooh, lots of good posts to read. There goes my morning. Thanks for including me. (What's this? I can't get “Start Wearing Purple” out of my head!)

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