Green, Green and In Between

The environment is on all our minds lately. It should have been on our minds 30-40 years ago. While there were those out there screaming for environmental awareness, the media ignored, even quashed their voices. So is it too late? Well, that question can never really be answered because our Creator is ever merciful. So, what do we do now?

We must continue on. Even on the day we see the sun rise in the West, go out and plant your fruit tree.

I have put together some actions that our family does to GREEN up our house. If you can only do one then, at least, you are doing something, but in reality we all have to do more. Try to incorporate something else each week, ia cleaner Earth is worth the effort.

Another reward to all this is in the education of our children in environmental issues that will be a part of their lives. Just like we teach them to look both ways when crossing the street,so too must we expose them to these very real issues.


~use only a newer dishwasher and ONLY when full

~In the sink put a bowl to fill with water instead of the whole sink

~ Use that rainwater! Put barrels or buckets under gutters to catch rainwater. You will be surprised at the tremendous amount of water is shed by your roof. Be sure to lid or screen for safety and mosquitos! Use the water for plants, pets or washing the steps.If you have a metal roof you may be able to use it for more.

~ Showers not baths. Littles can shower together , a mat or towel in the bottom keeps them from slipping.

~Don’t run the water when brushing. Better yet fill a cup for the purpose of brush rinse, try to use one or two cups.

~ Don’t flush each time you pee. Yes! I said it! While you can amend this for company the old adage…

If it’s YELLOW

Let it MELLOW,

If it’s BROWN

Flush it DOWN!

..really saves water. Also a brick in the tank displaces some water, so if little hand like to see the water swirl not as much will go down the drain!


~UNPLUG! 70% or more of our consumption is when we are not using the appliance!Your microwave, computer, can-opener, toaster and if you have one, T.V. do not need to remain plugged in all the time. some may say “But I don’t want to reset the clock!” Well, just how many clocks do y ou need? Just this act alone could save us all a lot. Look around at what you can unplug. If it holds time or light it is pulling energy.

~Line dry clothes. I did this even in the winter in Maine! Inside and out, even for those rainy days.

~Switch to spiral bulbs.But get the full spectrum bulbs for reading by( a study says they are better for the eyes and mood)

~Make it a principle to turn off the lights you are not using

~Outside lights can be a photo sensor that will go on only when you need it.


~Grow a garden, even in pots. Herbs are expensive in the store but in the garden are beautiful! A garden saves gas and in the big picture it saves all the junk that is added to the environment if you were to buy it at the grocery, packaging bags and pesticides.

~Compost, hand in hand with gardening it keeps the trash can clean, builds the soil in the long run builds a healthier garden.

~ Buy local

~ Dry or can your produce

~ Plant something for the butterflies,bees and birds! Without pollinators our choice of food is quite minimal.


~Don’t just curtain the windows, curtain the entire wall. This is especially effective for the south pr west wall in summer, north  in winter.

~ Clean any filters regularly. The unit will be more efficient and effective in its job.


~Bike or walk to the grocery, park or library. It will get you and the environment healthy. Remember, when you bike dress bright and wear a helmet!

~ Don’t drive or fill up with gas on very hot days. If you must get gas ,get it in the morning or evening.

~ Don’t idle in your car or use drive-thrus. Turn it off and go inside.

~ Old clothes are cut into rags and buttons or findings saved for projects

~ All recyclables are put out for collection. I am amazed how few people on my street do this and yet have trash cans overflowing!

~Re usable bags for shopping. Put one or more in the car and in your pack so you don’t forget them at home.

~Use thrift stores, the ultimate in recycling.

~Plan your trips in the car. A little planning can save a lot of gas.

~Baking soda and vinegar are great for cleaning! We need to stop our love affair with the chemical industry, we are poisoning ourselves right out of the planet.

~ Vinegar is great for repelling bugs. Spray a mist on baseboards to ward the nasties off.

~ Don’t over buy. We all love bargains but just how much do we really need it? I do not mean family pack food but the extra toys, clothes and just plain junk that seems to accumulate then end up in the landfills. Think of all that packaging ! I think the corporations should be more responsible in how they package us to death.

Well now, that seems like a lot but there is always more to do. Start small and learn as you go. Kids love to see us learn and struggle to learn more.That’s natural. Hopefully our struggle will be their ease.

Go Be Green!

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2 Responses to Green, Green and In Between

  1. Amber says:

    Love It!!
    We do so many of those things, and I too am surprised at how few in my area have the big green recycle bin outside! And here it’s cheeper than the regular trash pick up!!!

    Garden-check, compost-check, no water running- check, light bulbs-check, no enough pee, no flush-check, rain water-no check (don’t get enough) baking soda and vinegar are my buddies!!!

    Yeah! Nice to see another out there beating the drum too!!
    good for you!

    Oh, and I found your blog on the Ultimate Homeschooling site!

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