Free, Free for You and Me!

I hate the word FREE. It has been overused, misused, misrepresented and just downright made to mislead. You always have to look for that stupid asterisk that tells you what they really mean. *with purchase of…

My kids, since they could read were always the first to the mailbox. Back with a handful of ads they came and on to the pouring over the pictures. Oh, the colors! The toys! The stuff, stuff, stuff! Then one would come running to me”Look what we can get for FREE!”. This line was, as a new mom( I considered myself new for far too long), a great time for a lesson. How we need to be careful how we read and especially ads. Ads are designed to deceive and to explain this to my innocents was too much. The disappointment in their faces, unbearable. They could not understand why anyone would lie. And that is just what they called it , a lie. We put a stop on all ads coming to the mailbox.


Tux rules!

I have finally come across something truly FREE. Linux and open source. They do not call it free because it costs time and understanding. A reasonable attitude. It is an operating system. Did you know you had a choice? Windows is NOT the only thing out there! I thought it was and was confounded to see other systems show up on the internet forums and such.  I thought I was savvy when I dropped Internet Explorer for Bing and then I found Firefox!

I have been on this contraption for only about 3 years. A laptop, a remarkable machine, that is at once confounding and surreal. I have learned a lot just by using it. But you can never just accept what has been installed by the manufacturers. They are in it for the repurchasing of more software, more machines, repairs and what have you. Once you step out into the shareware and open source field there is an infinite supply of ideas.

As a home educator do you want a free paint program for kids? A math program? Planetarium? Chemistry? Office? Just imagine it and it probably exists for FREE!

Sharing is just what they do too! Free wallpapers, software,code, you name it. I won’t pretend I understand it all but it is definitely worth the time to delve into.

This Linux even gives you the tools to be able bring back what would otherwise be considered dead machines.

So If you want to stretch your mind and abilities look into it!


About sixathome

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ Mom to six children that have never been sent to school.
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4 Responses to Free, Free for You and Me!

  1. sixathome says:

    Thanks for the visit. The more people use it and get away from the strangle hold of Gates the stronger shareware gets!

  2. Open source is great!!! I haven't used Linux yet, but I've heard about it. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. sixathome says:

    I agree! I am amazed at the generosity of their talent and inspired. I have uploaded a few wallpapers of my creation for free just as a very small thanks.

  4. The free software that is available is astounding, donated by very talented programmers!

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