Welcome to the May 28, 2012 edition of Carnival of Chaos.

I know, I know it’s late but that’s CHAOS for ya! This was also supposed to be 2 months ago but, alas, Blog Carnival was not up. So heerre it is!

It’s Art

Daisy Barton presents 8 Smart Ways to Make Use of Dead Day posted at The Best Degrees.


Demetra Luciano presents Three Girls and a Minivan posted at Three Girls and a Minivan, saying, “We are very relaxed homeschoolers…not unschoolers but we do not “do school” at home. We incorporate our travel into our homeschool and that is what I am starting to blog about.”

Welcome to blogdom and congratulations on homeschooling, however you choose to do it!

Irene Beckerr presents 25 Fascinating Facts About Former U.S. Presidents posted at Masters in History

.Not a bad field of facts to mull over. Interesting how each was a flawed human, most textbooks teach otherwise.

Suzannah Kolbeck presents The Benefits of Failure posted at HoneyFern School.

Lionel Martinez presents Wrong As Can Be posted at Misc-Reports.

Laura Grace Weldon presents Book Zombie posted at Laura Grace Weldon, saying, “Does reading cause you to tune the world out? You may be a Book Zombie.”

I have one full time Zombie and one part-timer!

Edmundo Gurza presents Back To Paper ? Is Handwriting Still Alive? posted at Fresh2Senior, saying, “How to regulate your everyday Chaos”

Change Your Life presents How to change your life | ChangeYourLife posted at Change Your Life.

It’s Art

Bob The Flatulent presents Slow Day At The Office – The title of this work of art is “Alien Invasion… posted at Slow Day At The Office.

Thanks, I needed that.

Something smells….

Laura Grace Weldon presents Better Test Scores Don?t Lead To Success posted at Laura Grace Weldon, saying, “The fuss over test scores makes no sense. Higher test scores don’t lead to greater success for individuals or for nations overall.”

We don’t test in the formal sense. Everyday is a test to survive  the crap of what some call the American Way of life. We  are tested in many ways but test score of a student is a poor judge of capabilities.

What I do for Eden

Laura Grace Weldon presents How The “10,000 Hour” Rule Can Benefit Any Child posted at Laura Grace Weldon, saying, “The 10,000 hour rule benefits our kids whether they have one all-consuming interest or not. Watch out world!”

This means I am an expert Mommy!  I have at least that much time in!


Jonny presents 11 Tips to Revise Effectively posted at Smart blog, saying, “I give some tips and tricks on how to revise effectively for any subject of choice. I wish you all the best for the future.”

Something Smells…

Tom Payne presents Chaos Theory and History posted at The Template of Time, saying, “Chaos theory holds that chaos is ubiquitous, stable and structured. History, one of the most chaotic systems, is just that. It is so structured it enables one to forecast future events. This article details some of the forecasts that have been realized.”

That concludes this edition.  Sorry for the delay! Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of chaos using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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