Hip Defined

Definition of HIP

a : having or showing awareness of or involvement in the newest developments or styles  
b : very fashionable : trendy
I am an Urban farmer at the moment and a mother to six . Perhaps I am not the most hip person. But having been a participant in a few HIP homeschool forums I can say … dare I? I don’t want to be! I find the majority of the conversation contrived and basically useless. My husband tells me to stop looking for like minds because we are so different. I tend to think that  THAT is impossible . So I trudge on.
Recently I made a comment on these forums that included a remark that a certain corporation was not so charitable and best left alone. I gave resources and also gave an alternative that was also free as compared to the topic product. Well, I was censored. I was not allowed to make disparaging remarks, however true they may be, about one of the forum’s sponsors. HHMMM, I think that is just so HIP!that in this day of disparity a homeschool moderator would put money over information.

Disco used to be HIP

You know Disco used to be hip and so did rainbow suspenders. Nano Nano! Pet rocks and DDT too. So, I guess that, regardless of OWS, the HIP thing to do is be a corporate shill or apologist. Guess I missed out on this one. Here is the e-mail I got explaining why I was deleted…

Hi there! Thanks so much for commenting on the posts at Hip. We appreciate your being a part of the Hip community!

I wanted to send you a note today to let you know that we removed one of your comments regarding Dole Nutrition. Hip  is intended to be an encouraging place where moms can find information about homeschooling and taking care of their families. As such, we moderate comments that have a negative or critical slant. Hip is open to families from all walks of life, which includes those who prefer organically-grown foods and those who prefer conventionally-grown foods.
Dole is a sponsor of Hip, and without our sponsors, we would have no website to keep the Hip community going. We don’t feel that it’s appropriate to have comments criticizing any of our sponsors, whether it’s because someone doesn’t agree with their educational philosophy, their farming methods, or their business practices. Not all sponsors are going to appeal to every one of our readers, but we choose them based on general appeal to our entire audience. We appreciate your understanding and respect for each one.
If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact me!


I love the one that says you may not like their business practices! Dole is anti-worker and is implicated in murder of these same workers. Nice “business practices”, and I still don’t think that its generally appealling. So what is information? Do HS Moms want only the sunny side of life and to operate in ignorance if the opposite is true? No. I think that this again to a dupe on the general masses to give us the Disney feeling that life is grand if you just don’t look too deep.

My response was this;

Shocked but not surprised.
What I left was information to the parents that would encourage study of the same subjects as in the “article”. It should have been noted that it was an advertisement and not a subject for exploration.
“those who prefer conventionally-grown foods.”- Those that prefer poisonous foods on their child’s plate could ignore my information. Negative is in the eye of the beholder, which in this case you say is Dole. The info on the Dole corp. may have enlightened many that have never heard of it before. A head in the sand does not make it false.

What has happened is you have allowed your sponsor’s image to define the H site. A sad but true evaluation of what you have done. It is actions like this that perpetuate the false images of corporations like Dole. Money not ideas are the goal.
I am sure you will say that this is ‘just not the place’ but then what is ? These are Moms that are searching for truth and information. Capable of making up their own minds given all the information. But you and DOLE, or whatever the sponsor of choice, have not allowed that. You have ensured a very one sided conversation. Too bad.

Home schooling at Hip just got bought.

So while I may not be HIP , I am what I am, a poor old farmer Mommy with ideals and values not up for sale. Ah,me. I really have got to stop reading those forums!


About sixathome

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ Mom to six children that have never been sent to school.
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4 Responses to Hip Defined

  1. Sadhana says:

    My husband says more strength to your elbow and I just want to acknowledge you and say there is more of us out here(I hope ) and generally give thanks from one grandmother to one mother
    Love and blessings to yo

  2. Yet another reason why I adore you.

    • sixathome says:

      You are so nice!
      Having been to your site and enjoyed your writing I am quite sure we would have commonalities. From our love of honeybees, nature and our family, I am honored to be think we are “like-minded” in even a small way.

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