Why Do You Do It?

 Educating at home is an extraordinary process. We need to think about how we live and how we want to live. Is this the best we can do for our children?

I was a public school kid in some pretty good schools. But I never liked school and by high school I skipped classes and days. Even though I was an A/B student I couldn’t wait to graduate. I realize now that Iwas not given the tools to move forward and actually TAUGHT lies and misrepresentations. As an adult I have had to relearn history, for instance. The system is Not in place to produce thinkers. Only followers are produced so that we may live in a “civil society” of rulers and the ruled.

This is not the best for our children. What I can give my children is an open inquisitive mind. One that can search out truth and recognize falsehoods. When I was a child, dinosaurs , we were taught ,were reptiles with scaly skin. This was not taught as theory. But that is what it was.They now  ‘think’ that many had feathers! Another theory!

History is also taught with deceitful slant. We  can not learn from history when we are not truthful . We need to see the good ,the bad ,and the ugly. I want my kids to know the type of society we live in. If we give them only bits and pieces, color the facts to fit a one sided picture of the victors then we dishonor them. The world that we give to them will need them to have the tools to fight the ugliness, the inequalities and the injustices. Only with truth do they stand a chance.


Some of the best educational resources we have are ourselves. We think, we feel, we see. Using our brain in search of truth is what I hope to give my family. I want them to see me struggle. I want to see me wrong, I am human and can be corrected. I want them to be able to take a stand for anything AND still be able to change their position when they have learned better. No one should remain vigilant when they have been proved wrong. It is that kind of arrogance and false pride that ruins people and nations. I want my children to be progressive even if that means going back.

We must teach ourselves to be both moral and adaptable. These words are not opposites!


3 Responses to Why Do You Do It?

  1. decentralist says:

    Sixathome, you seem to also seek important events and associations of historical narrative that have been buried. I have my own part that I have yet to openly publish that you might like to read. I expand on Gary North’s (PhD in history Calvinist) “Conspiracy in Philadelphia”. In this work, North shows how the Constitution was both a Coup d’Etat and a secular non-Christian creation. He does so from a Calvinist perspective, and my essay takes North’s insights to an anti-Calvinist perspective and show how modern totalitarianism originated as a secularization of Calvinism. I think this link will work: https://docs.google.com/View?docID=0Abq5eu5qBJwxZGN0bXBqZHdfNThncnRtNGpkOQ&revision=_latest&hgd=1&spi=1

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