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One Down! Five to Go

Home schooling six kids can be nerve racking to say the least. There are many “What ifs?” in the picture. What if I can’t teach? What if they don’t learn to read? What if they need more help? What if … Continue reading

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Defend Freedom , Demand Privacy

Click on the picture. (Arron was an unschooler)

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Kids, Cops and Courts OH MY!

Boys will be boys This statement has probably gotten more boys into trouble than out. I, myself have used it but it really should be stripped from our colloquialisms. My house is the house where all the kids go. You … Continue reading

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School, Anyone?

It is that time of year again ….for the rest of the neighborhood that is, back to school. It is also on the agenda for those that home school. But as we have progressed over the years, I have found … Continue reading

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Welcome to the May 28, 2012 edition of Carnival of Chaos. I know, I know it’s late but that’s CHAOS for ya! This was also supposed to be 2 months ago but, alas, Blog Carnival was not up. So heerre … Continue reading

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I am in the process of moving to blogger. I hope that this will be to my benefit. All things will continue there……http://sixathomefree.blogspot.com   Hope to have ya’ll visit!

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Carnival of Chaos~ November 2011

Welcome to the Carnival of Chaos! It has been a busy couple of months for me and in the world. Occupy has spread worldwide. The American media, as well as the police, have shown that they are no better than … Continue reading

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